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Answers To The Top 8 Questions Asked By International Students During Covid 19

Today I’ll be talking about the most asked questions by #international #students in #Canada since travel restrictions came into effect due to Covid-19: Questions: 1) I am a new student starting in May and my in-person courses have moved online because of COVID-19. I’m unable to travel to Canada now – I will start my program online from outside Canada. How will this affect my Post Graduation Work Permit eligibility? 2) I want to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). What should I do? 3) Can international students who are abroad travel to Canada? 4) My initial study permit approval or current study permit was issued after March 18. Can I travel to Canada? 5) Can I go to the US land border to apply for a study or work permit in person (i.e., flagpoling)? 6) I work in essential services – can I work more than 20 hours per week? 7) I’ve lost my job due to COVID-19. Is there financial assistance available to me as an international student? If you haven’t watched it already, go back and check out my video from last week. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Mr. Mendicino almost talks about everything a week later what I mentioned on this video 😎

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